Sunday, 9 February 2014


Well, I thought I had managed to escape the dreaded flu bug that seems to be doing the rounds. Since just before Christmas I've been listening to friends, family and colleagues complaining that it "lasts about three weeks", "it starts with a sore throat and gets worse", "I felt lousy for weeks" and feeling lucky that I had managed to avoid it. Ive been stocking up on oranges, wrapping up warmly and avoiding anyone with the slightest sniffle (including the "other half"). However, I woke up two days ago feeling as though I had swallowed a full packet of razor blades. I commented to a work colleague that she didn't look very well. Her reply "I've got that bug. I started with a sore throat three weeks ago and I'm still not over it". Oh no. I have a sore throat. Great. As the weekend has progressed I have got progressivly worse. I am typing this with a thumping headache, a running a nose and a cough that would make anyone belive I have a 60-a-day habit! I am not the best at being ill. In fact I'm terrible. I get progessively more whiney until I even start to annoy myself. I even thought yesterday that a nice bubble bath and mini pamper session might make me feel better....well that lasted all of half an hour before I started to feel dreadful again. So now I'm goning to try the Chinese food, cup of tea, hot water bottle and bed theory to see if that helps.