Saturday, 19 October 2013


So, it looks like summer has finally departed. The t-shirts, shorts and sandals have been stored away for another year, replaced with trousers, cardigans and boots. I even had to give in and buy a new winter coat last week. I must be getting old because I actually bought a sensible, practical coat, but that’s another story. So the nights are drawing in and in a week’s time the clocks go back. I fear turning into a vampire at this time of year. I go to work and it’s dark. I come home from work and it’s dark. As I write I am looking out at a damp garden. Granted, the grass looks a lot greener than it has in the last few months (and I’m not just talking about the other side of the fence!). I don’t know if it’s because I was born in September, but I actually don’t mind autumn. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer long, hot summer days but I actually like sitting in my nice cosy living room, listening to the rain on the window. Winter however, is a different matter. I hate winter with a passion. I hate being cold, and there is something more menacing about winter rain than autumn rain. Bonfire Night and Christmas are the only things that stop me from hibernating from November until March. Strangely, Bonfire Night is the only time of the year I don’t mind bundling myself up in big coat, scarf, gloves and boots and venturing out. I hate snow. Maybe hate is a little harsh. I love sitting indoors and watching it fall. I love looking out and seeing the fresh blanket on my garden, before the postman comes and puts his big, dirty footprints all over it! I actually don’t mind going out in it. Pulling on my flowery wellies and feeling it crunch underfoot but I despise having to drive to work in it! I am fine driving in the dark, in the rain or even in windy conditions but I hate driving in snow. I will admit to being a cautious driver at times (I am by no means a Sunday driver but I prefer to leave a safe distance between me and the car in front and I actually know how to use my indicators), but other people seem to think that driving is snow is just as safe as driving on a dry road. Personally, I would love to pass a law that says we should declare a public holiday if more than an inch of snow covers the ground. Kerry for Prime Minister! One good point has to be winter food. No more salads and pasta. Bring on the stews, the cottage pie, the jacket potatoes........ Maybe winter isn’t that bad after all


  1. Ahhhh, this is my favourite time of year, and I love winter too! Let's hear it for November!!!

  2. Sorry Terry, just seen your comment. Yeah, I remember you saying once before. I like it when I'm snuggled in cosily watching from indoors. Not enjoying watching the wind at the moment though!