Saturday, 29 June 2013


I bought a new handbag a couple of weeks ago and was faced with the task of transferring everything from on bag to another. 

Gone are the days when I could fit everything into the tiny little Radley bag I carried around proudly for a few years.  These days I need a bag to rival that of Mary Poppins; something that can accommodate a notebook, Kindle, mobile phone, purse, keys umbrella, hairbrush, body spray, painkillers (which invariably end up at the bottom of the bag, prompting a mad search each time I have a headache) and a number of lipsticks.  Heaven only knows how young girls go on these days with these tiny bags!

The worst part about changing bags is that, amongst all the useful items listed above, there is always hundreds of old supermarket receipts, sweet wrappers, tissues and empty cans of body spray.

How did I manage to fit all this rubbish into my tiny little bag?  How do I now carry my huge bag around without doing myself an injury?

This also got me thinking.  When I was 18 (yes, I can just about remember being 18), I went for a night out with a dolly bag containing my money for the night and a tiny lipstick.  Now, just for a night at the local I need a bag big enough to fit money, mobile phone, keys and the other half’s keys, mobile phone, cigarettes and lighter.

Maybe we should be more like men.  No bags; just shove things in out pockets until they’re fit to burst.  Nah, can’t see it catching on.

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  1. Kerry, I know this one so well! I don't even keep any rubbish in mine - no old shopping lists or bus tickets - just purse, phone, cigarettes, hairbrush, keys, Nexus 7 & lipstick if going anywhere longer than a couple of hours, maybe a book, notebook, emergency first aid supplies.... - oh, yes, and all the paraphernalia belonging to someone else....!!!