Saturday, 3 August 2013


If you have read my previous posts you will be aware of my hatred of the supermarket. So, with this in mind I decided to give online shopping a try. No parking, no queuing, no trolley rage, no problem. Yes, I’ve heard all the horror stories. “If they don’t have what you asked for they’ll send you a replacement that is nothing like what you asked for”. “They send you the food that is almost out of date to get rid of it”. However, I was feeling particularly lazy and really didn’t have the energy for the stress of doing the weekly shop, so I logged on and started shopping, and I have to say, it’s surprisingly easy and I even saved myself some money. After picking a time for delivery I set about filling my virtual trolley. I have to say, this was an eye opener. I never realised how much I spent on fruit and veg. I usually go around the aisles of Asda filling my trolley without really looking at the prices of individual items. So you can imagine my shock when I had already “spent” £25 and had only fruit and veg to show for it. Nonetheless I carried on and an hour later my order was complete so I proceeded to “Checkout”. I had chosen to have my purchases delivered between 5pm and 7pm so, based on previous delivery experiences, I was expecting my shopping to turn up at 6.59pm so I was impressed when it arrived at 5.50pm. The delivery man was very pleasant and explained exactly what happens at this point. It must have been evident that this was my first time! I was told that the strawberries I ordered were missing. Apparently there are “no strawberries so late”. Mental note made to book delivery earlier next time! He told me a few items had been substituted. Oh no, does that mean the tuna I ordered would be replaced with cat food? Actually, I found out, it just means the brand of tuna I ordered wasn’t available so they had sent a different brand. What makes it even better is that the replacements are either equivalent in price or more expensive, but they don’t charge you. Bonus! So, after giving the pleasant man my autograph on one of those new fangled electronic signature thingies all that was left for me to do was unpack. Now the only thing I need to do is find someone to unpack the shopping and put it all away and this would be the most pleasurable shopping experience ever!

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