Monday, 12 May 2014


Hi Guys I haven't been around lately but hopefully normal service will now be resumed. It's been a hectic few months. I moved house just before Christmas. Never again will I move at this time of year, talk about stress!!! Moving away from the town I've lived in for thiry four years was a little emotional but I'm now settled in and it's only half an hour down the road. I've also set up a new book review blog reviewing the kind of books I love to read and that I feel others should be reading. I have put a link to this at the end of this post for anyone who is interested (and hope it works). I also seem to have acquired a social life in the last couple of months and I'm not really sure where it came from! Anyway, now that I'm settled I will hopefully be able to post on here more and hopefully finish my final draft of my novel.


  1. Good luck Kerry. I recently moved after 28 years. I saw your book blog page and it is so pretty!