Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I have been suffering chest pains for a few weeks and decided a couple of days ago that enough was enough and went to visit my GP. After waiting 24 hours to get an appointment (they obviously didn’t feel it was too urgent) I got so see my GP who diagnosed stress/anxiety. Now I have felt for a while that my job was causing me to feel stressed and, quite frankly, exhausted, so this came as no surprise. What did shock me though was the response I got when I told the doctor, full of shame, that I don’t do any exercise (unless you count the housework). I was expecting to face his wrath and be told that I really must lead a healthier lifestyle and partake in some exercise, join or gym or suchlike. On the contrary, whilst I was told that I really ought to do some exercise my recent weight gain was more likely linked to the anxiety. I’ve always been an emotional eater but the stress has only made this worse. Nothing to do with the cake and biscuits then?! So, as I said, I was told that some exercise is a must. “A half hour walk, swimming, rowing or gym.” I assume by rowing he meant on a machine and wasn’t expecting me to get out on the water with a pair of oars! Anyway, the half hour walk seemed most appealing and I worked out what I thought would be a nice gentle walk, no hills and keeping to the main roads so that there would be plenty people knocking around should I keel over half way round! So, after a healthy breakfast of cereal and a banana I set off at 10.40am expecting to be back for around 11.15. What I probably should tell you is that I have only recently moved to area I currently live in, and it became evident that some of the roads I made my way along were a lot longer than I thought (well, when I’ve been driving along them they don’t seem that far at all). Indeed, it took me 10 minutes to walk to the end of the street – which, in fairness, is a long street. An hour later, having called in a convenience store for a bottle of water, I walked back through the front door and collapsed onto the sofa. Now the doctor assured me I would feel better for this exercise and now, almost seven hours later I’m still waiting for that good feeling to kick in! Maybe I’ll have to have another go tomorrow.

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