Friday, 10 May 2013


I decided today, as I have been up early all week, that I would have a lie-in.  I was so irritable yesterday due to tiredness and ended up in bed at 8.30pm!

So, after the other half went to work at 5am (this means I am also awake at 5am!) I settled myself back down for a couple of hours sleep. 

Four hours later I woke up, the television playing away to itself.  I reasoned with myself that this was exactly what I needed and that I "must have been tired" (a phrase I have inherited from my mother, who I am in danger of turning into)

Now, you would think, at 9am, that I would get up feeling refreshed and ready for my day off.  No!  I laid there for another half an hour.  I am not one of these strange breed of people who wake up and get straight out of bed, I have to "pull round". 

Once I had fully woken up, I decided to fire the laptop and "check" facebook and twitter (a better source of news that any newspaper!)

I finally got out of bed at 11am! 

You would think I would feel great for such a lie-in.  Again, no!  I walked downstairs with what felt like one of the worst hangovers ever!  My head was pounding and, if possible, I felt even more tired than I had when I went to bed last night.  Worse still, I had to do the Asda shop feeling like this, which of course meant that everyone there was there for the sole purpose of annoying me (I believe Asda employ people in this role).

The worst thing about such a lie-in though is the feeling that I have completely wasted my day.  It is now 7:45pm and I feel like I have done very little.  I have done the Asda shop and tried on holiday clothes to make sure they fit and started packing (still a month to go and I have started packing!) and very little else!

So, I think I need to make up some time!  So, while the other half watches golf, I'm going to do some re-drafting and abandon any ideas of an early night!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog but now Ive found it. I'm the same if I sleep late I feel awful. If the heating is on in the bedroom it sends me into a deep sleep in the morning and I feel as if I've had a bottle of wine. I too have been trying on holiday clothes for a few weeks hoping I would loose weight and fit into them,going away next Fri,yeah,some sun at last.

  2. I have to turn heating off at night otherwise other half has windows wide open! Yeah, I've forgotten what the sun is like. Have a lovely time x