Friday, 3 May 2013


The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and I decided to make the mostf it.  The second draft of my first novel is underway and I intened to get a large chunk of it done over my four days off work. 

So I got out of bed and 6:45am full of beans.  Actually the beans were an issue.

I turned the kettle on to make a brew - I cant even THINK about doing anything until I've had a cuppa.  I took the milk from the fridge, only to find  there was literally enough for ONE cuppa. 

So, cuppa made I needed to think about breakfast.  Cereal was clearly out of the question.  Opening the fridge door didnt exactly fill me with confidence. 

Out of the dozen eggs I bought last week, there was one left.  Not exactly enough for an omlette or scrambled eggs.

I realised with immense disappointment that the bacon buttie I had been craving for the last three days was out of question.  Although I had the obligatory brown sauce I was lacking bacon and bread, meaning beans on toast was also off the menu. 

I closed the fridge door again and after checking all cupboards tucked into Alpen bar!!!

Shortly after, I did the weekly Asda run and tomorrow's breakfast dilema will be making a choice between a cooked breakfast, cereal, omlette or fruit and yoghurt.......decisions, decisions!

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