Saturday, 27 April 2013


What to wear on a morning?  Have at least three outfits ready!  The Great British weather has played a blinder again today.

I got out of bed this morning thinking it might be a nice day.  A little chilly, maybe, but the sun was shining and i could see patches of blue sky.  Hanging out the washing I noticed the wind was strong enough for me to have to put extra pegs on the shirts I wa putting on the line!  It was a cold wind but the sun was still shining and was warm when the wind dropped briefly. 

I'd just made a cup of tea and started to tackle my ever increasing ironing pile when I noticed the rain on the kitchen window.  So, five minutes after pegging the washing out it was draped over the radiators, which had to be put on again this morning :-(

Obviously, Sod's Law dictates that the rain shower blew over pretty quickly!  Well, I''m sorry, but I wasn't pegging the washing out again!

So I'd resigned myself to the fact that the washing was going to be dried inside today!  We had the odd shower blow over and the sunshine came back out.  I tell you no lie, at one point it was raining in my back garden whilst the sun shone in the front garden!

The final straw came though when I went to the local shop for the usual Saturday paper and Lotto lucky dip!  It's close enought to walk so I refuse to drive down but the other half was on his way to play golf so he dropped me off!  It was a little overcase at this point but still dry.  It must have been in the shop for all of five minutes, but when I came out the rain had started - and this was no light shower!  I waiting for a few seconds, trying to decide whether to set off and risk looking like a drowned rat by the time I got home and whether to wait under the shelter until it passed.  My decision was made so much easier when the rain turned to HAILSTONES!  In April!  I've heard of April Showers but this is ridiculous!  Anyway, I waiting five minutes watching mini ice cubes falling mere millimetres from my face only for it to stop as suddenly as it had started! 

I got homea few minutes later and havent seen a drop of rain since!  In fact, Barnsley is now bathed in glorious sunshine!

I give up! The English weather has me completely and utterly baffled!


  1. That's what the weather is always like here. If I go to the shopping centre on the bus I have to wrap up for wind and rain but when I get into shopping centre I end up boiling then go back out for bus and it's freezing again. I wish I lived in a hot country.

  2. Me too! The plan is to make enough money for a holiday/seond home in the South of France