Friday, 12 April 2013


Ok, I can't say I didn't know what I was getting into.  I knew when I met the other half he enjoyed his golf.  I even joined him a couple of times and took an interest.  He even took me to the driving range tried to teach me to play and to be fair he's a better teacher than I am a student.  My co-ordination isn't the best (I never got the hang of the whole rub your belly and tap your head thing), so trying to keep my shoulders straight, bend my knees, keep my feet flat and keep my eyes on the ball was a task in itself! 

He goes every weekend, weather permitting and I love my me time.  He has his golf, I have my writing.  He recently won a competition to play in a ProAm competition - I'm very proud of him :-)

I enjoy 'trying' to play.  I even take in interest when he talks - very technically - about the game.  I still get my bogies confused with my birdies and I couldn't tell you how many under par you need to be to get an Albartros, but I'm learning - slowly

However, The Masters has started this week.  For anyone who, like me this time last year, knows little about golf, this is apparently a big deal!!!!!  Four days of golf.  I agreed he could watch it when he gets in from work and I will watch my soaps on catchup at weekend.  I now realise watching golf is not as entertaining as playing. 

For a start off, the live coverage starts at 7pm, however Augusta don't allow filming until 8pm.  So, we have an hour of technical talk. 

When live play starts, we have 5 interactive options.  You can actually pick which hole you want to watch, which player. featured groups, one particular part of the course or you can listen to more techincal stuff!

This goes on for four days!

We recently got a popular television package so that I could watch F1 and football.....I now realise this may all have been a cover.....he just wanted his golf!!! ;-)

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