Friday, 26 April 2013


As I sit here typing this I am still suffering slightly from Tuesday's (it is now Friday) Kettlebell session. 

For anyone who has never had the joy, Kettlebells is an exercise class around 45 minutes long, each particular exercise being one minute long. 

Ok this sounds easy right?  Right, until you factor in the Kettlebell; a weight (I'm a beginner so I started with 4kg!) with a handle attached.

So, the exercises include squats - a LOT of squats - whilst swinging around the kettlebell.  Bearing in mind the sweat involved with exercise, the risk of someone's kettlebell flying from the hands is high!  Lots of bicep curls, side extensions and lunges to music I'm used to hearing in nightclubs.

Then come the press-ups....oh the press-ups.  What can I say?  I'm not ashamed to admit I can't do press-ups.  Never been able to.  Well, not without sticking my bum in the air.  So, when I managed to do five - yes a full five - "proper" sit-ups I was chuffed to bits with myself. 

I managed a few more sit-ups, even though I struggle with these too!  The stomach crunches and oblique twists were a lot more style!

The class instuctor, Drill Sergeant Alyesha, is a machine.  I swear, her muscles have muscles of their own!  She doesn't let up.  If you dare to stop she will literally shout at you "DON'T STOP".  Seriously the woman is evil. 

The day after, my legs refused to move.  Every time I sat down, a moan accompanied the action.  Even lifting my arms caused slight pain (that would be the press-ups!)

But hey, I've got a holiday coming up and the legs need some conisderable toning before I can be let out in a bikini!  So, next Tuesday I shall be putting myself through the hell again!  Wish me luck x

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