Monday, 22 April 2013


Don't you just love Mondays?  No?  Ok, ok, me neither!

I feel them looming from around 7pm on Sunday evening.  The dread that another week is almost upon us.  Another week of having to drag myself out of the comforting warmth of my bed at the crack of dawn, after a brief and fruitless battle with the alarm clock. 

Then there's the drive to work.  The usual, busy rush hour traffic, slowed down by the various sets of roadworks that have appeared over the weekend. 

Mondays at work seem to be a lot longer than any other day.  If you're lucky you manage to get a grunted greeting from colleagues who are equally bleary-eyed (some still recovering from Satuday night).

A while ago, I added extra pressue to my Mondays by joining a well known slimming club.  This is filled with a mixure of people.  The one's who have been going for years and continually yo-yoing and seem totally unaffected by this week's gain.  Then there's the smug "oh look how much ive lost this week!".   Then there's me, completely hit and miss....i usually have a couple of good weeks followed by a couple of horrendous weeks - there's only so long I can go without chocolate and pastry (not together obviously). 

All in all Mondays are completely horrendous but hey, its Tuesday tomorrow and one day closer to the weekend :-)

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