Monday, 6 May 2013


If you've read my previous posts on here you will know I am not the biggest fan of Mondays, in fact, I hate them.  Put the words Bank Holiday in front of it though and it's a totally different matter.

A 30th birthday party last night meant that the day started with a hangover, made slightly better by the bacon and egg buttie (again, regular readers will know this is one of my vices). 

It looked like a lovely morning but during the drive home it seemed a little cool and that maybe I had got my hopes up about the great British weather again, so I decided to have an hour in bed to try and sleep off the hangover. 

The extra hour seemed to do the trick.  The headache and general crappy feeling was starting to lift.

It wasn't until I set off for my weekly torture session that is the Slimming World weigh-in, that I realised it was hot, not just warm, but hot, and I had wasted the day sleeping off the after effects of last night's party.

The good news was I've lost 2lb this week.  Surprising after the amount of alcohol that was consumed last night and the Chinese meal on Saturday night.  I'm thankful I decided against the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls and went for the more Slimming World friendly Chicken Chow Mein (although I'm not sure the mini spring rolls were that friendly).

Now, my theory with Slimming World is that if I have lost weight, I deserve a treat.  Right? So pizza it was.  I'm not really a pizza fan and have to be "in the mood" to eat one.  Also, I'm not a fan of expensive chain pizzerias (with the exception of Pizza Express but that is purely because last time I went I had the best chocolaty gooey cake ever to have passed my lips), I prefer my local pizzeria and their smokey BBQ pizza.  Chicken, red onion. green peppers and BBQ sauce.  Again, I will point out that I was allowed this as I have lost 2lb this week.  This is my treat.  (At this point, I may be trying to convince myself rather than anyone else).  This pizza is every bit as good as chocolate and lasts longer (unless you have one of those ridiculously long Dairy Milk bars they seem to wheel out every Christmas).

So, after a bacon and egg buttie, an hour's sleep, the excitement of a 2lb weight loss, the sun and a pizza, the hangover seems to be disappearing - just in time for going back to work tomorrow!  Ah well, can't have everything!


  1. You speak like women everywhere!!!! Probably more calories in the pizza than the chocolate...!

    Don't get me started on the weight thing - I don't even want to THINK about it!

  2. Oh yeah the pizza is definitely a naughty treat saved for post weigh in. I want to be a skinny mini on beach in a few weeks, failing that I'll be happy as long as Greenpeace don't try and save me!

  3. Now I need to know what an egg buttie is!